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  •  A Birding Touris's Guide to Majorca A Birding Touris's Guide to Majorca A Birding Touris's Guide to Majorca A Birding Touris's Guide to Majorca A Birding Touris's Guide to Majorca A Birding Touris's Guide to Majorca


1st edition in Catalan // Rebassa, Manchado, Torrens, Oriola // p.v.p. 18 €

The ornithological tourism guide of Mallorca, realized by local experts, undoubtedly contributes to fill a gap until now on an increasingly popular hobby in Mallorca, especially internationally (ornithologists and bird lovers of British, German, Scandinavian , Dutch, etc..) but also at local and national level. Rigorous but written in informative tone, the guide provides information on the observable species on the island and the best places to go looking for them.

- Consisting of 128 pages printed in full color on 17 x 25 cm format.
- Appear reflected 17 areas and 26 representative routes of all habitats present on the island (sea cliffs, dunes and beaches, wetlands, woodlands and arable crops, pine and scrub oaks, mountain reservoirs, mountain meadows and rocky places).
- Provides detailed information on over 240 species of birds (local status, phenology and abundance, best places to watch each of them, some details about their behavior, etc.), Including different listings references.
- Illustrated with a hundred of high quality photos of more than 80 species, the most unique, spectacular and sought after by foreign ornithologists, with special attention to the endemic species and species of greatest conservation importance. It also includes one representative landscape photography present in each chosen area.
- It has also route maps and tables of the most emblematic and representative species of each zone.
- Give explanations of endemic species and subspecies.
- Presents information on behavioral type, by disseminating a code of ethics for observers during your stay in Mallorca.
- Presents brushstrokes of prime tourist information for each of the areas to visit (tourist information, recommendations, or directions where to go for more information).

Authors: Maties Rebassa, Josep Manchado, Sebastià Torrens and Mª Carmen Oriola

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